Desserts, Ramadan Recipes

Berries Delight

Berries Delight Ingredients • Americana chocolate swiss rolls – 3 packs • Nestle cream – 8 cans • Sugar – as needed • Assorted berries – strawberries, blackberries and raspberries Directions 1) Add sugar to the cream. Mix well till sugar dissolves. IMPORTANT TO NOTE : The cream should not be sweet since the swiss… Read More Berries Delight

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Desserts, Ramadan Recipes

Crème Caramel

  Crème Caramel Recipe Credit : Dhiya Khalid Ingredients • Eggs – 5 • Milk – 1 cup • Cream – 2 1/2 cups • Vanilla extract – 2 teaspoons • Condensed milk – 1 1/4 can • Sugar – 1 1/4 cup for caramelization Directions 1) Preheat the oven to 180º celsius. 2) Take… Read More Crème Caramel